Victims have been identified as 39-year old Yamuna Kariyawasam and her 72 year old mother. It is revealed that Yamuna Kariyawasam was pregnant.

An elderly woman and her pregnant daughter have been found hacked to death in their home in Hungama Gurupokuna Bata-Atha South, reported Hungama Police.

The incident was reported to Hungama Police yesterday morning. When the Police got to the house, they found the pregnant woman lying face down in a room, dead, and her mother dressed in her bathing costume (Diya Redda) was found near the bathroom outside the house. She too was lying face down, dead.

The victims have been identified to be 76-year-old Siriyawathi Kariyawasam and 36-year-old Yamuna Kariyawasam, who was five months pregnant at the time.

Police also report that Siriyawathi was also the mother of the Suriyawewa Division Health Services Director, Dr Kariyawasam.

Police have recorded a statement from Yamuna’s husband, Jayasinghe Korale Arachchige Sampath. He informed the police that on that day, it was only his wife and mother-in-law who were at home and the latter had scheduled an appointment with her doctor at 11am in Colombo.

Sampath who had left home early that day to attend a class at the Technical Training College in Hambantota had returned home around 10am as his teacher had not turned up to class. When he got home, he found the front door open and his wife and mother- in -law murdered inside.

Siriyawathi is also mother to three other daughters who all living abroad at present.

Police also recovered a knife and a mortar from the neighbourhood. 

The motive behind the killing is not known yet.

 Further investigations are being carried out.


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