What are the plans for the upcoming summer season from WWE Championship? Find out here.

Bengaluru, April 21: Randy Orton has become the new WWE champion at Wrestlemania 33. The betting odds heading into his match against Bray Wyatt were against him. Since he is one of the most trusted employees of the WWE over two years, Vince McMahon handed him another title run. This marked his overall 13th Championship reign in the company. 

His next title defence will be in a rematch from Wrestlemania. It would mark the first-ever House of Horrors match at WWE Payback on April 30. Wyatt has revoked his rematch clause and will get it soon. 

That leads us to how the WWE Championship picture would remain in the upcoming summer season. Considering that Bray Wyatt has already been shifted to Monday Night Raw, the chances are low that he will win back the prime gold, again. 

In that case, both the Universal championship and the WWE championship would belong to the Raw brand. There is no way that the company would like to go in such a direction. 

 So, Orton is clear favourite to walk out victorious from the Payback PPV. After he is done, he will start his feud with the next contender in line, Jinder Mahal. Jinder is still not considered as a big superstar in the company and he should not win the title from randy, either. 

That leads us to the possible name who could take the championship away from the grabs of the Viper. We got some indication of the same from the reports of Dave Meltzer in f4WONline.com. 

Many thought that AJ Styles would be the one to start a full-fledged feud with The Viper. But, Meltzer stated that the creative has already pulled the trigger for the Styles vs. Owens feud. So, there’s no possibility of seeing The Phenomenal One in the title picture, soon. 

Rather, WWE creative has already sketched planning around Baron Corbin who will soon be in the main event picture. They were always high on the big guy but plans around him got postponed due to lackluster storylines. 

Ambrose who was his opponent for Wrestlemania has been traded to Monday Night Raw. It means The Lone Wolf can finally emerge to the title picture. If plans go accordingly for him then he might be the new champion around Summerslam.


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