A hartal has been launched in Bandarawela today (28) against the implementation of the Uma Oya development project.

An announcement had been issued yesterday (27) declaring that private buses and vans would not be transporting students to schools as part of the demonstration.

Reports indicate that turn out of students in schools is very low.

Shops and businesses have also been closed.

Furthermore, black flags have been raised across the town from Bindunuwewa to Bandarawela as well as Kinigama and other areas.

Organizers of the hartal stated that the demonstration was launched to draw the attention of the government towards factors such as the provision of relief for affected individuals, prevention of water seepage, and minimization of environmental damage caused by construction.

Reporters added that a large-scale public gathering would also take place with the participation of the convener of the people’s front against the Uma Oya project, Samantha Vidyaratne, amidst the hartal.


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